MONSOON - written and directed by Shyam Balsé
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special thanks

This film took the efforts, creativity, love, support, and money of a great number of people to get made and we would like to dedicate a great big THANK YOU to all of you for making this film come alive.

We'd like to extend a special thanks to those who so generously contributed to our fledgling film fund:

Shanti Balsé
Ajit & Satya Balsé & Family
Bob & Claire Bellanti
Kiva Bolton
Nathan & Amy Booth
Catherine & Terrence Booth
Anadiji Butler & Jan Jacobs
Roxanne Chastan
Chris Cole
Deborah A. David & Family
Alene & William DiDio
Rob Englehardt
Chris & Dan Fein
Kam Ena Kai Goodell
Sari Segale & Daniel Graham
Lila Graham
Trini Graham
Eric Harr
Lina & Sunder Hattangadi
Jan Hinson
Mavis Huff
Judy Hughes
Ken Johan
Suresh & Suman Kalbag
Debra Kanani
Candace & Tim Lanzetta
Lisa & George Lawrence
Michael Leventhal & Ricia Araiza
Tai Leventhal
Nanci Little
Steve Marston
Shiloh Sophia & Isiah McCloud
Philip Parker
Lee & Cheryl Rhoads
Bonnie Sanger
John Scheer
Mary & Michael Schuh
Ruby & Dawa Sherpa
Chris & Christy Skura
La Tania
Jennifer Taylor
Sharon & John Turner
Laurie Wheeler

And personally I would like to extend an extra special thanks to my beautiful family who lifted me high up on their shoulders and made it possible for me to reach for the stars. You are all so much a part of this film:

Alene, William, Shanti, Bob, Claire, Ajit, Satya, and Ujwala.
Thank you so much, I love you all.