MONSOON - written and directed by Shyam Balsé
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What People Are Saying

"The film...i completely loved it!!! Of the characters, i like the one Sulabha Deshpande has played, of the loving 'atya' Sita... she's the balanced one.... Ravi Baswani has also done a great job.... its the first time i saw the actor.... as for the third actor....Bhanu Uday...there's nothing i need to say about him that hasnt been already said... as usual he has done a really amazing job... his character reminded me of the one he's played before... (dont know if u know about it, the serial he acted in, 'special squad'. he played the role of a cop, and there too, he was a widower who had lost his wife to an unforseen tragedy) In many ways....i could relate to his character extremely well.... as i am an atheist myself.... one who loathes all the religious rituals... The story was brilliantly potrayed.... its wonderful to see how much u have put in 21 minutes... the film had a lot of meaning in it inspite of its short length... something even experienced film-makers fail to convey after 3 or 4 hours worth of reel and endlessly long scripts... The father-son equation was dealt with extremely well, without the least bit of melodrama... Lots of hidden msgs were potrayed so beautifully, yet so simply... i also liked the music a lot.... the little melody tht plays when the DVD just starts still rings pleasantly in my head..."

Audience Web Comment
Heart of Gold International Film Festival 2009

"Monsoon is a beautiful cultural exploration of being torn between two identities, with an accurate depiction of second generation family dilemmas."

Brian Liu
2007 Jackson Hole Film Festival Juror
& 2006 Jackson Hole Film Festival winner
(Best Global Insight Film 'Disarm')

"Wonderful energy and emotion. Shyam gets terrific performances from his actors."

Robert Collector
2007 Jackson Hole Film Festival Juror
& 2006 Jackson Hole Film Festival winner
(Best Feature and Rosemount Diamond Award Winner for 'Believe In Me')

"Monsoon is a model of elegance - everything in it is essential to the story (the plot and character development) and there was nothing that was not relevant. You've written a clean script and crafted the film in a colorful and insightful story of the intersection of the ancient and the modern."

Nancy McCagney, Ph.D.
Formerly Professor of Philosophy (College of Arts & Science)
and Marine Policy (Graduate College of Marine Studies),
University of Delaware

"Congratulations from the First Look Film Festival! Your film "Monsoon" has won the top festival prize: Best Overall Film. In addition you have also won the top Narrative category prize: Best Narrative Film. Your film beat out 43 other shorts to claim the first place position. We are very pleased to present this award to you and Monsoon...Thank you for participating in the 2007 First Look Film Festival. We had a record attendance this year and your film was very well received. Congratulations!"

Joshua Weinberg
Wade Gardner
The First Look Film Festival

"What a beautiful film you have made...yours is definitely one of the best I have seen so far."

Cevin Cathell
Program Director
The Sonoma Valley Film Society

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