MONSOON - written and directed by Shyam Balsé
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about the film

Mumbai, India -- Present Day.
The sweltering dead heat of the Indian summer. The only hope for relief are the elusive monsoon rains, already 3 weeks delayed. Into this sweaty inferno comes Govinda, a hotshot Californian Cardiologist and conditioned scientist who has journeyed back to his native country to treat his father's ailing health. Govinda despises India almost as much as he does his father who embraces it. It is dirty, disorganized, superstitious and the place where his beloved wife was killed in a tragic accident the year before. Much to his frustration, his father, a devout Hindu Brahmin and the hard headed patriarch of the family, refuses medical treatment claiming that only God can heal him. As the tension between father and son grows, Govinda gets drawn back into the mystery surrounding his wife's death stirring up old skeletons that threaten to split the family apart forever.

About the Film:
MONSOON is a 20 minute film shot on location in and around Mumbai, India. It was made as part of the graduate film production program at the University of Southern California by graduates Shyam Balsé (writer/director) and Joseph Itaya (producer) under the faculty supervision of the chair of USC's film production program, Michael Taylor (producer of Phenomenon and Bottle Rocket). It was shot over 8 days in early December 2005 using a primarily Indian cast and crew, many of whom work in the Bollywood film and television industry. Post production took place in Los Angeles, California and was completed July 2006.

The film stars a combination of new rising Indian talent and award winning Bollywood veterans. The lead role of Govinda is played by newcomer Bhanu Uday (Special Squad, Return to Rajapur) who only a few years before graduated from the top dramatic academy in India, the National School of Drama. The second lead is played by the great Ravi Baswani (Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Yun Hota To Kya Hota), a well known and loved character actor and director in India. The cast is rounded out with the supporting performance by one of India's most respected and acclaimed Marathi actresses whose work appears in over 50 feature films, Sulabha Deshpande (Bhumika, Hech Majhe Maher, Akka)

The film was co-produced by Dileep Singh Rathore and his OTR Productions who produced the internationally acclaimed Maya (2001) and the Oscar nominated short The Little Terrorist (2004).